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10.  Hydrophobic interactions modulate antimicrobial peptoid selectivity towards anionic lipid membranes. 

K Andreev, MW Martynowycz, ML Huang, I Kuzmenko, B Wu, K Kirshenbaum, D Gidalevitz. 

BBA-Biomembranes (2018) 1860:1414.

9.    Cyclization improves membrane penetration by antimicrobial peptoids. 

K Andreev, M Martynowycz, A Ivankin, ML Huang, I Kuzmenko, M Meron, B Lin, K Kirshenbaum, D Gidalevitz. 

Langmuir (2016) 32:12905.

8.    Osmoprotective polymer additives attenuate the membrane pore forming activity of antimicrobial peptoids. 

PT Smith, ML Huang, K Kirshenbaum.

Biopolymers (2015) 103:227. 

7.    Amphiphilic cyclic peptoids that exhibit antimicrobial activity by disrupting Staphylococcus aureus membranes. 

ML Huang, MA Benson, SBY Shin, VJ Torres, K Kirshenbaum. 

Eur J Org Chem (2013) 17:3560. 

6.    Engineered biomimetic oligomers as dual-action antifreeze agents. 

ML Huang, D Ehre, K Kirshenbaum, MD Ward. 

Proc Natl Acad Sci (2012) 109:19922. 

5.    N-naphthyl peptoid foldamers exhibiting atropisomerism. 

B Paul, GL Butterfoss, MG Boswell, ML Huang, R Bonneau, C Wolf, K Kirshenbaum. 

Org Lett (2012) 14:926.

4.    A comparison of linear and cyclic peptoids as potent antimicrobial agents. 

ML Huang, SBY Shin, MA Benson, VJ Torres, K Kirshenbaum. 

ChemMedChem (2012) 7:114.

3.    Peptoid macrocycles: making the rounds with peptidomimetic oligomers. 

B Yoo, SBY Shin, ML Huang, K Kirshenbaum. 

Chem Eur J (2010) 16:5528.



2.    Synthesis and properties of polycationic derivatives of carbohydrates. 

M Thomas, D Montenegro, A Castano, L Friedman, J Leb, ML Huang, L Rothman, H Lee, C Copodiferro, D Ambinder, E Cere, J Galante, JI Rizzo, K Melkonian, R Engel. 

Carbohydr Res (2009) 344:1620.

1.    The synthesis of polycationic lipid materials based on the diamine 1,4-diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane. 

R Engel, JI Rizzo, C Rivera, M Ramirez, ML Huang, D Montenegro, C Copodiferro, V Behaj, M Thomas, B Klaritch-vrana, JF Engel. P

Chem Phy Lipids (2009) 158:61.

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