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Proteoglycans are glycoconjugates composed of a core protein and covalently attached glycosaminoglycan chains. Glycosaminoglycans can serve as determinant groups in binding growth factors, such as FGF2, BDNF, or BMP4, and thus the study of their composition can aid in the determination of glycan co-receptors in different cell types. The Huang Lab is equipped with fluorescence and UV-enabled LC-MS instrumentation to analyze the disaccharide composition of glycosaminoglycans.  


Glycoproteins can be inundated with glycan modification at asparagine residues (N-glycans). These glycans can regulate the underlying core protein's localization, half-l life, as well as interactions with other proteins. The Huang Lab is equipped with a fluorescence and UV-equipped LCMS (LTQ Orbitrap XL) to enable the determination of intact N-glycan structures on proteins. 

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